Indian Beauty, Makeup, Fashion & Lifestyle Blogs: A Guide to Inspiring Trends

The digital landscape has witnessed a tremendous surge in Indian beauty, makeup, fashion, and lifestyle blogs. In India, a country brimming with cultural diversity and a thriving fashion industry, a vibrant community of talented bloggers has emerged as a hub of creativity and expertise, delighting millions of eager readers with their unique insights and perspectives.

The Indian beauty bloggers have amassed a loyal following and have significantly influenced trends in the beauty and fashion space. With their innovative ideas, insightful reviews, and cultural perspectives, Indian beauty, makeup, fashion, and lifestyle blogs have garnered immense importance online.

In this blog, we will explore the Indian beauty blogs for makeup, beauty, fashion and lifestyle lovers. So, let’s go through these blogs that have captured the hearts of readers across the country. Read on!


Glamourista, run by the effervescent Kriti, is a treasure trove of beauty and fashion inspiration. Kriti’s artistic flair and love for experimentation shine through in her creative makeup looks and trendy fashion ensembles. Apart from sharing her personal style journey, she also advocates for body positivity, encouraging her readers to embrace their uniqueness.

Fashion Fusion:

FashionFusion, managed by the fashion-forward duo Sanaya and Zoya, has garnered a dedicated following with their impeccable sense of style. Their blog features an array of style guides, celebrity-inspired looks, and fashion hauls. They believe in sustainable fashion and promote brands that align with their ethical values, making their blog an excellent resource for conscious shoppers.

Beauty Mantra:

BeautyMantra, spearheaded by the beauty aficionado Roshni, offers an in-depth exploration of the latest beauty trends and products. Roshni’s detailed reviews and honest opinions have earned her the trust of her readers. Her blog covers everything from skincare routines and makeup tutorials to beauty DIYs, catering to readers seeking authentic and reliable beauty advice.

The Stylish Sisters:

TheStylishSisters, managed by siblings Meera and Neha, is a delightful blend of fashion and lifestyle content. Their blog showcases the latest fashion trends, style tips, and outfit ideas for various occasions. With their infectious energy and sisterly bond, they create a warm and welcoming space for their readers.

Makeup Masti:

MakeupMasti, founded by the vivacious Aisha, is a go-to platform for makeup enthusiasts. Aisha’s expertise in makeup artistry shines through her step-by-step tutorials, where she shares her secrets for achieving flawless looks. From beginner-friendly guides to advanced techniques, MakeupMasti caters to beauty lovers of all skill levels.

Trendy Tales:

TrendyTales, curated by the talented Mehek, is a blog that encapsulates the latest lifestyle trends. Mehek’s eye for detail and keen observation make her content relatable and engaging for her audience. Her blog features lifestyle hacks, travel stories, and thought-provoking pieces, making it an all-encompassing experience for her readers.

Chic Chica Chai:

ChicChicaChai, run by the stylish Aanya, is a blog that seamlessly blends Indian traditions with contemporary fashion. Aanya’s unique take on fusion wear and traditional jewelry has captured the attention of readers worldwide. Her blog is an ode to India’s rich cultural heritage and a celebration of modern fashion sensibilities.

The Glow Guru:

TheGlowGuru, managed by the radiant Ishaan, is a haven for skincare enthusiasts. Ishaan’s passion for skincare and beauty is evident in her comprehensive guides and product recommendations. Her blog also features self-care tips, helping her readers cultivate a healthy and holistic approach to beauty.

Wanderlust Diaries:

WanderlustDiaries, founded by the travel-loving duo Aarav and Naina, is a blog that explores the intersection of travel and lifestyle. Their captivating travel stories, coupled with fashion and beauty insights from different cultures, offer a unique perspective to their readers. Through their blog, they inspire others to embark on exciting journeys and embrace new experiences.

BeBeautiful by Nykaa:

As one of the leading beauty and lifestyle platforms in India, Nykaa’s BeBeautiful blog provides readers with a wealth of beauty and makeup-related content. From expert advice on skincare routines to decoding celebrity looks, the blog leaves no stone unturned. With contributions from industry experts, BeBeautiful remains a reliable source for all things beauty.

Pout Pretty:

Pout Pretty is a blog that highlights the importance of self-care and beauty. The blog’s founder shares her personal experiences with various beauty products, offering an honest and relatable perspective to her readers. Pout Pretty also delves into wellness topics, encouraging readers to embrace a holistic approach to beauty.

PO Pxo:

As a one-stop-shop for all things women, POPxo stands as a powerhouse in the Indian lifestyle blogging scene. Covering a wide range of topics, including fashion, beauty, relationships, and health, POPxo appeals to millennials and Gen Z alike. With its fresh, vibrant content, the blog seamlessly connects with its audience on various levels.

The Style Cocktail:

The Style Cocktail, helmed by a fashion-forward blogger, brings a refreshing blend of fashion, lifestyle, and travel content. The blog’s elegant and sophisticated style sets it apart from others in the fashion blogging domain. The stunning visual appeal of The Style Cocktail makes it a delightful experience for readers.


Corallista is a makeup-centric blog that has achieved considerable recognition for its detailed makeup looks, product reviews, and beauty tips. With a focus on enhancing natural beauty, the blogger creates stunning makeup tutorials suitable for different occasions and skin tones. The blog’s step-by-step guides make it a valuable resource for makeup enthusiasts.

Akanksha Redhu:

Akanksha Redhu’s eponymous blog showcases her love for fashion, travel, and beauty. Known for her impeccable style and wanderlust-inducing travel diaries, Akanksha’s blog is a treasure trove of inspiration for those seeking a sophisticated and cosmopolitan lifestyle.

Curious Components:

Curious Components explores the world of beauty, fashion, and lifestyle with a unique approach, focusing on sustainability and conscious consumerism. The blog promotes the use of eco-friendly and cruelty-free products, making it a trailblazer in the sustainable fashion and beauty domain.

Wrapping up:

The Indian blogosphere has seen a surge of talented bloggers who have transformed the beauty, makeup, fashion, and lifestyle landscape in the country. These top 10 Indian blogs have successfully carved their niche and established themselves as authoritative voices in their respective domains.

From makeup enthusiasts to fashion-forward trendsetters, these bloggers have created a community of passionate followers who eagerly await their insightful and inspiring content. With the digital world ever-evolving, we can only expect these blogs to continue setting trends and influencing the way we perceive beauty, makeup, fashion, and lifestyle in the years to come.

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